Do You Walk Your Dog or Does He Walk You?

Although February brings National Walk Your Dog Day, the weather in Columbus has been so cold it feels more like Keep Your Dog Inside Month.

This past weekend I saw lots of folks out enjoying a walk with their dog.  The snow has melted, the salt has rinsed away and it was finally above 45 degrees!  Actually, I think I saw more dogs enjoying the walks than humans enjoying walks.  It seems lot of dogs had pent up energy and had forgotten to walk nicely.

There are a number of things we should consider as we get back to our regular dog walking routine:

Do you have a 2018 dog tag on your dog’s collar?

Have you checked your walking equipment?  Make sure the collar fits and the leash is not worn thin.  If you use a retractable leash, check the entire length to make sure it’s not frayed.

Is it time for new walking equipment?  Should you consider a harness, Gentle Leader or Halti?

Are there “mean” dogs on your walking route? You might want to get a can of PetSafe SprayShield.  It’s a citronella spray that distracts an attacking dog.

Here are some other tips for walking your dog correctly from #GregKnowsDogs:

  • Never let your dog walk in front of you so you will be viewed as the pack leader.
  • Using a 6’ leash allows you better control of your dog.
  • Let your dog explore and sniff around.
  • Always pick up your dog poop.
  • Make sure to bring plenty of water for your dog.
  • Watch out for ice in the winter (and salt) and hot pavements in the summer.
  • Wear reflective gear if you are walking your dog at night.

I recommend walks to heel, not just a walk with minimal pulling.  Call me at 614-859-0612 if you need help getting your pooch to walk nicely by your side.  I also recommend you start with short, focused walks as you get back into your routine.  Happy trails and tails!