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2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Dog

I’m not a great shopper. In fact I am one of those guys who asks for gift ideas in October so that I can shop without crowds.  And I’m not scurrying around on Christmas Eve trying to cram all my shopping into one evening.

However, when it comes to my dog, I shop long and hard to give him the gift of wellness all year. Here is what you can do to keep your dog as healthy as possible:

How often do you brush your dog’s teeth? Does he/she have stinky breath? Think about what your dog puts into his mouth every day. Yuck!  Greenies make some great stocking stuffers and will keep your dog’s breath fresh and teeth clean! It’s like mouthwash for dogs.

Did you know the average dog sleeps between 12 – 14 hours a day? It’s important he have a comfy bed, a nice place to de-stress and relax.  Although many pets sleep on their parents’ bed, dog beds come in all shapes and sizes and levels of firmness.  My wife makes Maksim’s out of our old, beat down pillows and adds some “egg crate” foam, then covers them with fabric.

Cameras and Trackers
It seems that everywhere you turn, technology has become an integral part of our lives and our dog’s life. If you’re away at work all day, you can get a pet camera to see, talk and interact with your dog. Does your dog tend to roam? In addition to an identification tag and microchip, think about a pet tracker that uses cellular, GPS and/or radio frequency technology to quickly find any dog that has strayed from home.

Heating or Cooling Pads
Depending on where you live, your dog may appreciate a heating or cooling pad. Here in Columbus where the temperatures dip to below zero, it’s important your dog is not left out in the cold.

Similar to boys and their toys, a dog can never have enough bones, Frisbees, or tennis balls. Dogs can easily get bored and a bored dog is a mischievous dog!

It costs you nothing. The best present you can get your dog can’t be bought in a store. It is your time and attention. Especially with all the holiday food, you and your pet can benefit from some extra walks.

Maksim and I wish all of you a Happy and Safe Holiday season!